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We provide Catholic moms and teachers with literacy and art resources that bring children closer to Christ in a world that seeks to remove Him. We are so glad you are here!

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As an art teacher, I figure why not teach and encourage these values through activities that foster reading AND creating. And not just any old books, but bright, bold and beautiful books that will excite and engage our children along with fun art projects that go beyond the book.

Being a mom to three young girls has taught me a very important lesson so far:

A strong foundation based on the love of Jesus is what our children need more than anything in order to navigate through this world. 

My goal is to help you engage with your children in ways that excite them AND nurture a very simple idea… living a life that is pleasing to God. Here’s how:

Pick a beautifully illustrated & inspiring book
Organize and prepare your supplies
Create easy & fun art projects together

Just pick a book, prep your supplies and create! A little bit of planning on your end yields for quick and easy activities that are sure to bring smiles to the sweetest of faces and make their love for God shine in their hearts.

Many of these books and projects are geared toward ages 4-8, but I also share how to adapt many of the projects for younger siblings who want to be in on the fun.

So take a look around, and I hope you find something that will encourage you and your kids to start building that strong foundation of faith one book and art activity at a time